Inpatient Psych PPS Rates Updated

Per CMS Transmittal 1981, the new Inpatient Psych PPS rates for discharges of 7/1/10 through 6/30/01 will be computed as follows:

• The Federal per diem base rate is $665.71. (This gets adjusted by DRG group , age and for which day in the inpatient stay)
• The fixed dollar loss threshold amount (for outliers) is $6,372.00.
• The labor-related share is 75.400 percent (i.e. 75.4% of the per diem rate is adjusted by the hospital’s wage index)
• The ECT rate is $286.60 (add-on for ECT shock treatment)

As before, the Medicare Cost Report of the hospital will impact the outlier calculation.

Link to the above summary can be found here.

The Federal Register for the wage indices, adjustment factors for diagnosis, age, and day of inpatient stay begins at page 23106.