Trusted Locations in Excel 2013

We have been finding that certain Excel software either does not run well in Excel 2013 or that the user gets prompted with annoying security messages every time he/she opens their software.  One message warns the user that the file is in protected mode, and the user has to manually allow edits.  Another message informs the user that macros have been disabled, and, again, the user must manually enable macros.  (Leaving macros disabled will cause many Excel software programs not to work correctly.)

A good solution to the above issues is to define certain folders as “Trusted Locations”.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. From any Excel file, click “File” and then “Options”

  2. Select “Trust Center” and then click “Trust Center Settings”

  3. Select “Trusted Location”, and then click “Add New Location”

  4. Please note: if your trusted locations are located on a network, you must check “Allow Trusted Locations on my network” on this page. 

  5. Browse to find the folder which contains your PPS Med-Calc software or other Excel software which you may wish to use. You may check off the “Subfolders of this location are also trusted” option, but this might not work as it should.

  6. Click “OK”

  7. If you have more than one folder which contains your PPS Med-Calc software or other Excel software which you may wish to use, you must add each one of them separately on the “Trusted Locations” page. If you checked off the option to allow subfolders, but this does not seem to be working, then you must add each folder individually, regardless.

  8. Click “OK” until you close all dialogs and return to your Excel spreadsheet.

Now your software should open without security messages, and your software may be working more quickly and efficiently, as well.

In order to see a version of this file with screenshots, click:  Allow Trusted Locations


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