How do I Enter Sequestration into my HHA Cost Report?

As you may have heard, sequestration is now a mandatory withholding of a certain percentage of your Medicare reimbursement.  This statistic is now included in your PS&R report (since April 2013).  You can copy it from your PS&R into Worksheet D, line 26 of your cost report.

If you have PPS’s Med-Calc software, our automatic PS&R download feature will, of course, populate sequestration into your cost report software together with the rest of your PS&R data at the push of a button!

For more information on sequestration and other cost report requirements, PPS is pleased to offer cost reporting webinars.  See for more info.

Upcoming webinar:  Wednesday, February 12th 2014 at 11:00 AM EST.

Register today!

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