Changes to RHC / FQHC Form 222-92

CMS recently announced changes to the Rural Health Clinic / Federally Qualified Health Centers Medicare Cost Reports.  These changes are effective for Cost Reports with a FYE of 12/31/11 and later.

The following is a highlight of the major changes:

  • Worksheet B, Part I:

Lines 7.01 (Medical Nutrition Therapist) and 7.02 (Diabetes Self Management Training) were added as new position categories.   This was done to facilitate the collection of full time equivalent (FTE) and visit data for RHCs and FQHCs.

  • Worksheet C, Part II:

Lines 18.01 through 18.06 were added to implement section 4104 of ACA which eliminates coinsurance and deductible for preventive services furnished by RHCs and FQHCs, effective for dates of service on or after January 1, 2011.

The Med-Calc Cost Report software is being updated to reflect the changes.