Changes to Form 2540 for SNF

There were a lot of changes recently put out by CMS for the Skilled Nursing Facilities Medicare Cost Report, the SNF 2540 form.   So many, in fact, that the name of the form has changed from 2540-96 to the 2540-10.  These changes are all in effect for cost reports beginning 12/1/10.

The following is a highlight of the major changes:

  • The cost center line numbers have changed.
  • Form 339 is now part of the Cost Report.
  • Subscripted lines have been removed.
  • Intern and Resident have been replaced by Nursing and Allied Health Education.
  • The Provider Number is now known as the Provider CCN (CMS Certification Number).
  • In addition, there have been many changes to the Home Health Sub Worksheets.

A webinar with the changes was recently held to show our clients exactly where the changes were.  This well attended seminar gave its participants the tools and confidence to be able to work on their Cost Reports using the updated software.